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> Research Topics:

< Biobased and/or Biodegradable polymers, for Environmental & Biomedical Applications >

Main thematics:

  • Biodegradable Polymers Materials (short-term applications & biomedical):
    • Thermoplastic starch, thermoplastic chitosan,
    • Bio(co)polyesters: PLA, PCL, PHAs, PBSA, PBS, PBAT,
    • Synthesis by Enzymatic Catalysis of biopolyesters (eROP, polycondensation,)
    • Biosynthesis of building blocks (Liquid and Solid fermentations) towards polymers preparation.
  • Biobased and Durable Polymers Materials (long-term applications):
    • New triglyceride-based polymers (from fatty acid, dimer,)
    • New aromatic macromolecular architectures, based on lignins and tannins,
    • Novative Biobased TPU, PUR, PIR, NIPU & PA.
  • Specific Biomaterials Developments for Biomedical:
    • Wound dressings,
    • Tissue Engineering, scaffolds developed by electrospinning, force-spinning, 3D-printing,
    • Biosensors, Drug Release,


-> Integration, "from the biomass to final objects": Biochemistry [Bioproduction / White Biotech], Polymer Chemistry, Formulation & Polymer processing



> Co-Edition of 4 books:

- Susheel Kalia & Luc Avérous (Eds). Biopolymers: Biomedical And Environmental Applications. John Wiley & Scrivener Publishing. Publicat. Date: 07/2011. 642 p. ISBN: 9780470639238

- Luc Avérous & Eric Pollet (Eds). Environmental Silicate Nano-biocomposites. Springer-Verlag (London). Publication 05/2012, 461 p. ISBN : 978-1-4471-4101-3

- Peter Halley & Luc Avérous. (Eds) Starch Polymers. From Genetic Engineering to Green Applications, 1st Edition. Elsevier Limited Publication. Publication April 2014, 484 p. ISBN : 978-0-4445-37317

- Susheel Kalia & Luc Avérous (Eds). Biodegradable and bio-based polymers for Biomedical And Environmental Applications. John Wiley & Scrivener Publishing. Publicat. Date: 02/2016. 350 p. ISBN: 978-1119117339


> Recent Publications (2017):

Articles - International Journals:

- Bonametti Olivato J., Marini J., Yamashita F., Pollet E., Grossmann M.V.E., Averous L. (2017) “Sepiolite as a promising nanoclay for nano-biocomposites based on starch and biodegradable polyester” Materials Science and Engineering C. Vol. 70, pp. 296–302.

- Gao C., Pollet E., Averous L. (2017) “Properties of glycerol-plasticized alginate films obtained by thermomechanical mixing” Food Hydrocolloids. Vol. 63, pp. 414–420.

- Gao C., Pollet E., Averous L. (2017) “Innovative plasticized alginate obtained by thermo-mechanical mixing: Effect of different biobased polyols systems” Carbohydrate Polymers. Vol. 157, pp. 669–676.

- Cano L., Pollet E., Averous L., Tercjak A. (2017) “Effect of TiO2 nanoparticles on the properties of thermoplastic chitosan-based nano-biocomposites obtained by mechanical kneading” Composites Part A. Vol. 93, pp. 33–40.

- Oyervides-Muñoz E., Pollet E., Ulrich G., Sosa-Santillan G., Avérous L. (2017) “Original method for synthesis of chitosan-based antimicrobial agent by quaternary ammonium grafting.” Carbohydrate Polymers. Vol. 157, pp. 1922-1932.

- Reulier M., Matadi Boumbimba R., Walsh Korb Z., Vaudemont R., Avérous L. (2017) “Thermo-mechanical and cyclic behavior of biocomposites based on renewable thermoplastics from dimer fatty acids.” Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Vol. 134, N° 12, ID N°44610 (13 p.).

- Debuissy, T. Pollet E., Avérous L. (2017) “Synthesis and characterization of biobased poly(butylene succinate-ran-butylene adipate). Analysis of the composition-dependent physicochemical properties” European Polymer Journal. Vol. 87, pp. 84–98

- Duchiron S., Pollet E., Givry S., Avérous L. (2017) “Enzymatic synthesis of poly(e-caprolactone -co- e-thiocaprolactone)” European Polymer Journal. Vol. 87, pp. 147–158.

- Matadi Boumbimba R., Wang, K., Hablot E., Bahlouli N., Ahzi S., Avérous L. (2017) “Renewable biocomposites based on cellulose fibers and dimer fatty acid polyamide: experiments and modeling of the stress-strain behavior” Polymer Engineering and Science. Vol. 57, N° 1, pp. 95–104

- Duval A., Couture G., Caillol S., Averous L. (2017) "Biobased and aromatic reversible thermoset networks from condensed tannins via the Diels-Alder reaction" ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. Vol. 5, N°1, pp 1199–1207.

- Pérez-Camargo R., Fernández-d'Arlas B., Cavallo D., Debuissy T., Pollet E., Avérous L., Müller A. (2017) “Tailoring the structure, morphology and crystallization of isodimorphic poly(butylene succinate-ran-butylene adipate) random copolymers by changing composition and thermal history" Macromolecules. Vol. 50, pp. 597−608

- Jiménez-Quero A., Pollet E., Zhao M., Marchioni E., Avérous L., Phalip V. (2017) “Fungal fermentation of lignocellulosic biomass for itaconic and fumaric acid production” Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. Vol. 27, N°1, pp. 1-8

- Buono P., Duval A., Verge P., Avérous L., Habibi Y. (2017) “Lignin-based materials through thiol - maleimide "click" polymerization” ChemSusChem. Vol. 10, N°5, pp. 984–992.

- Debuissy T., Pollet E., Avérous L. (2017) “Titanium-catalyzed transesterification as a route to the synthesis of fully biobased poly(3-hydroxybutyurate-co-butylene dicarboxylate) copolyesters, from their homopolyesters”. European Polymer Journal. Vol. 90 pp. 92-104

- Arbenz A., Perrin R., Avérous L. (2017) "Elaboration and properties of innovative biobased PUIR foams from microalgae" Journal of Polymers and the Environment. DOI: 10.1007/s10924-017-0948-y

- Duval A., Avérous L. (2017) “Solvent and halogen-free modification of biobased polyphenols to introduce vinyl groups: versatile aromatic building blocks for polymer synthesis" ChemSusChem. DOI: 10.1002/cssc.201700066

- Oster M., Schlatter G., Gallet S., Baati R., Pollet E., Gaillard C., Avérous L., Fajolles C., Hébraud A. (2017) “Study of the pseudo-polyrotaxane architecture as a route for mild surface functionalization by click-chemistry of poly(ε-caprolactone)-based electrospun fibers” Journal of Materials Chemistry B. DOI: 10.1039/C6TB03089K

- Debuissy T., Pollet E., Avérous L. (2017) “Synthesis and characterization of block poly(ester-ether-urethane)s from bacterial poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) oligomers.” Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry. DOI: 10.1002/pola.28567

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Luc Avérous

Pr. Luc Averous

Leading International Expert in Biobased and/or Biodegradable Polymers, for environmental and biomedical applications.


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