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Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers, Biopolymer, Agro-polymer, Bioplastic, Biomaterial, Biomass

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> Research Topics:

Biobased and/or Biodegradable polymers, for Environmental & Biomedical Applications

-> Integration, from the biomass to final objects: Biochemistry [Bioproduction / White Biotech], Polymer Chemistry, Formulation & Process

Bioplastics, Biopolymers, Biomaterials:

  • Study of the Relationships between the Material (Bio)Synthesis, Processing (or Use), Morphology (or Structure) and Properties.
  • Study of the Structuration of multiphase systems: Nano-biocomposites based on nanoclays, Biocomposites based on (ligno)-cellulose fibers. Blends or Plasticized systems.

Materials based on Biodegradable polymers - for compostable packaging, biomedical applications, :

  • Thermoplastic Starch
  • Thermoplastic Chitosan
  • Biopolyesters (PLA, PCL, PHA, PBSA, PBS, PBAT, )
  • Synthesis of biopolyesters by Enzymatic Catalysis.

Biobased and Durable Materials - for building, automotive industries, :

Specific Biomedical Developments:

  • Tissue Engineering, scaffolds developed by electrospinning.
  • Biosensors, Drug Release ...


> Book Edition:

- Susheel Kalia & Luc Avérous (Eds). Biopolymers: Biomedical And Environmental Applications. John Wiley & Scrivener Publishing. Publicat. Date: 07/2011. 642 p. ISBN: 9780470639238

- Luc Avérous & Eric Pollet (Eds). Environmental Silicate Nano-biocomposites. Springer-Verlag (London). Publication 05/2012, 461 p. ISBN : 978-1-4471-4101-3

- Peter Halley & Luc Avérous. (Eds) Starch Polymers. From Genetic Engineering to Green Applications, 1st Edition. Elsevier Limited Publication. Publication April 2014, 484 p. ISBN : 978-0-4445-37317


> Recent Publications (2014):

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Articles - International Journals:

- Pereira I.H.L., Ayres E., Averous L., Schlatter G., Hebraud A., de Paula A.C.C., Viana P.H.L., Goes A.M., Oréfice R.L (2014) « Differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells seeded on mineralized electrospun co-axial poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL)/gelatin nanofibers » Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine. Vol. 25, N° 4, pp 1137-1148

- Öztürk Düşkünkorur H., Pollet E., Phalip V., Güvenilir Y., Avérous L. (2014) « Lipase catalyzed synthesis of polycaprolactone and clay-based nanohybrids » Polymer. Vol. 55, N°7, pp. 1648–1655

- Laurichesse S., Avérous L. (2014) “Chemical modification of lignins: towards biobased polymers” Progress in Polymer Science. Vol. 39, N°7, pp. 1266-1290

- Laurichesse S., Huillet C., Avérous L. (2014) “Original polyols based on organosolv lignin and fatty acids: new bio-based building blocks for segmented polyurethanes synthesis” Green Chemistry. DOI: 10.1039/C4GC00596A


 Books Chapters:

- Avérous L., Halley P. (2014) « Preface » in «Starch Polymers - From Genetic Engineering to Green Applications » Eds. Halley P., Avérous L. Elsevier (New York). pp. xviii-ixx (ISBN : 978-0-444-53730-0)

- Avérous L., Halley P. (2014) « Starch Polymers: From the Field to Industrial Products » in «Starch Polymers - From Genetic Engineering to Green Applications » Eds. Halley P., Avérous L. Elsevier (New York). Chap. 1 pp.3-10 (ISBN : 978-0-444-53730-0)

- Avérous L. Pollet E. (2014) « Nanobiocomposites Based on Plasticized Starch » in «Starch Polymers - From Genetic Engineering to Green Applications » Eds. Halley P., Avérous L. Elsevier (New York). Chap. 8 pp. 211-239 (ISBN : 978-0-444-53730-0)

- Avérous L. (2014) «Formulation et mise en œuvre de matériaux multiphasés biodégradables et biosourcés : les matériaux à base d’amidon plastifié »  in « Impact environnemental des polymères et des matières plastiques - solutions et perspectives » Eds. T. Hamaide, R. Deterre & J.F. Feller. Hermes-Lavoisier (Paris). Chap. 9 pp. 209-254 (ISBN : 978-2746245402).

- Avérous L. (2014) «Formulation and Development of Biodegradable and Bio-Based Multiphase Materials: Plasticized Starch-Based Materials » in « Environmental Impact of Polymers » Eds. T. Hamaide, R. Deterre & J.F. Feller. John Wiley & Sons. Chap. 9 pp. (ISBN : 978-1-84821-621-1).


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Luc Avérous

Pr. Luc Averous

Leading International Expert in Biobased and/or Biodegradable Polymers, for environmental and biomedical applications


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